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How a new washing machine and a new baby are practically the same thing

“Why is it making that noise?”

“Is it filling?”

“Read the book!”

“Ahhhh. Self-cleaning mode.”

“Is it leaking?”

“I wonder what that noise means?”

“How will I ever figure this out?”

“Did you hear that noise?”

“The table of contents says ‘page 29’…oh, it’s normal.”

“I can’t believe how much money we […]

The very elated laundress

I think Archie best expressed all our feelings this morning when he did a trumpet fanfare in front of the toilet.

For the past two days, we haven’t had working plumbing. The clean water flowed abundantly. It’s just that nothing would drain. Somewhere between house and street was a clog. Memories of a flushed […]