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The morning rabbit


Last Thursday was a bad morning. We got a late start, the kids bickered, I nagged. One kid didn’t do his homework the night before and was panic-finishing a few worksheets, consulting me for answers I didn’t know. We rolled out of the house growling at each other. The kids walked around the van and […]

Week Six ~ Celebrate Celebrate

Two birthdays in one week! Aidan turned 16 on Monday and Sam turned 13 on Saturday. Cake and pie and ice cream, oh my. Aidan and Sam celebrated with family gatherings, plus Sam enjoyed a bonus Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D party thanks for our friends at Nintendo (more about that later…)

Other highlights of […]

State of the Family Address ~ 2013

Once a year, our President gives a speech summing up the health and happenings of our nation. What do we need to address? What are our successes? Failings? Where are we in history? It’s like a report card. Of course, it’s wildly political no matter who is in office. The party of the President applauds […]