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Simply having a wonderful

Christmas 2012 was good to us. Late last week, I was mired in worry and doubt but determined to cobble together a lovely Christmas no matter what. I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayers and thoughts for healing. The days seemed to last forever, but Archie was finally freed from quarantine. The antibiotics and quick diagnosis […]

Our 2012 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas, friends.

(from left to right, top to bottom: Aidan 15, Teddy 2, Tommy 11, Joel 9, Ollie 2 months, Sam 12, Ryley 13, Archie (so close to 4 he thinks each new day is his birthday), and Beatrix 6)

Georgebailey, I’ll love you ’til the day I die

A year ago today, we got a new dog. I still don’t know why we got another dog because we already had (and still have) a perfectly fine dog, Junie. She was doing her job of being a companion for the kids and the world’s top incessant barker. She still looks in the mirror every […]