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Bananas and Barrels: A Donkey Kong Country Returns Birthday

Sam was welcomed to his teen years by a gorilla on a mission and his red-hatted little monkey pal. Really, running through a jungle while smashing barrels and fighting banana-stealers is a lot like being a teen. It’s tough, but fun work and often involves frantic searches for food with friends.

One of Nintendo’s newest […]

Tip me over and pour me out ~ Transcript from a tea party

Beatrix received a Flower Fairies tea set for Christmas. She’s wanted to host a tea party ever since. Today, she invited her two little brothers to her first tea party. We don’t get very formal with tea in our house. As a very classy person, I use the same tea bag for multiple cups, filling […]

Bless Two

On November 2, 2005, I wrote the following in a post called Blow out the candle. Joel, our fifth child, had just turned two. By the time my older kids were two, they each had a younger sibling. Joel did not because of two devastating pregnancy losses. I was clinically infertile. Yes, even a mom […]