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Love Love Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you love someone, and you haven’t told them in awhile, do it today. Some people love deeply, but they can’t make their mouths say, “I love you.” Some say it multiple times a day, but have trouble showing it non-verbally—not because they’re lazy beasts but because they are unsure where to […]

Neo-Neapolitan Cake

My favorite ice cream when I was a kid was neapolitan. It’s a layered combination of the three most popular kids at ice cream school: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Of course, the chocolate is mined out first, like precious gold. Then the strawberry, then lowly vanilla. It wasn’t until adulthood when I could appreciate […]

My Nine Little Valentines

We’ve had a pair of giant novelty red velvet heart-shaped blue-lensed sunglasses for several years. They’re beat up. The lenses are scratched, velvet has been eroded away, but they, like all hearts, must go on…

I busted them out for a pre-Valentine’s Day photoshoot with the kids. All put their own spin on the […]