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I wake up

“Mama! I wake up!”

Ollie shouts this news nearly every morning as he picks his way down the stairs. Being awake is worthy of notice when you’re coming up on age three. Your little lids part to find night-night time has fallen away to something bright and new. Everyone must feel that way, right? […]

My Dumb Hobby is 10 Years Old Today

I believe I’ve earned the right to post a screed about how blogging has changed so much in the past decade. But I won’t.

Today, I’m simply grateful for the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, and the challenge of maintaining such a silly little sliver of a sliver of the internet.

Thank […]

My blog is nine years old today, thinks it needs a limo ride to McDonald’s

Update: If you saw a pop-up with Mister Rogers singing a happy birthday song, it’s because my darling husband hacked my blog to surprise me. I was really upset at first, but then I began wondering why a hacker would try to destroy me in that manner. I went from furious to confused to laughing […]