Ancient History

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It’s Time to Wake Up

We don’t stand a chance here when it comes to wind.

We live near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The wind that carries storm systems from the Pacific arches over the mountains to the west of us. It crests and considers the Great Plains below and beyond. White mountain peaks often appear to […]

The clumsy days

toddler in arm cast

Beatrix lost her two front teeth at the beginning of the school year. She looked predictably adorable. Slowly, her self-proclaimed buck teeth are descending into place. She frequently provides progress reports: “My buck teeth are about half-way grown!” I look and realize she doesn’t understand how big they will be. Her half-way is reality’s 25%. […]

My blog is nine years old today, thinks it needs a limo ride to McDonald’s

Update: If you saw a pop-up with Mister Rogers singing a happy birthday song, it’s because my darling husband hacked my blog to surprise me. I was really upset at first, but then I began wondering why a hacker would try to destroy me in that manner. I went from furious to confused to laughing […]