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My Dumb Hobby is 10 Years Old Today

I believe I’ve earned the right to post a screed about how blogging has changed so much in the past decade. But I won’t.

Today, I’m simply grateful for the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, and the challenge of maintaining such a silly little sliver of a sliver of the internet.

Thank […]

Throwing tomatoes with love

My mom and dad, fall 2011

My dad once joked he met my mom at a Young Republicans meeting. I believed him for years, until my mother intervened and told me the true story. They met at a professional singles function when my dad tripped over her foot. She says it was an […]

A honeymoon story

Our first “I do” was on our wedding day. Today is our 15th anniversary, so thats 16 affirmations that I do, we do, let’s do.

The first hours of our married lives were comical and magical. It is one of my favorite days to recall. The honeymoon doesn’t begin when you dig your toes […]