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My blog is nine years old today, thinks it needs a limo ride to McDonald’s

Update: If you saw a pop-up with Mister Rogers singing a happy birthday song, it’s because my darling husband hacked my blog to surprise me. I was really upset at first, but then I began wondering why a hacker would try to destroy me in that manner. I went from furious to confused to laughing to crying-while-laughing in the span of ten minutes.

Happy birthday to my dumb blog! Here’s my once-a-year post where I mention the word I hate* multiple times!

It’s amazing how many things are the same as they were on September 30th, 2004. I spent my days and nights with small children. I still spend my days and nights with small children. And all my former small children are now big children with chemistry homework. I’m shorter than two of them.

Nine Years Ago

Aidan was in second grade. Beatrix is our current second grader.

Ryley was in kindergarten. Now, he’s a freshman in high school.

Sam was four. Archie is four.

Tommy was coming up on three. Teddy just turned three.

Joel was eleven months. Ollie is eleven months.

I got pregnant eight more times, but only 50% of those pregnancies resulted in happy, healthy mewling babies. For a long time, this was a place where I wrote about loss, grief, pregnancy after loss, bed rest, babies. Moving on, it feels a little like I lost my voice or purpose or (I LOATHE THIS) niche. Yuck.

I’m a little stunned I’ve kept this up for so long. Since publishing my first entry, I’ve posted 1,541 more times. I must like it or something? There have been several times I’ve thought about shutting the whole thing down, especially since Twitter and Facebook have taken over a lot of the elements blogging used to dominate. Sharing breezy little bits of our day is much easier at Facebook or Twitter. But here I am, and if you’re reading this, here are you, too.

Hello. I’m glad you are here. If compelled to say hi, please do. Or don’t. Just know that after nine years, I would have given up long ago if it weren’t for the friends I’ve made because I’m a nut about life.


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