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15 Haiku About My Electric Blanket

Innards sizzle from electromagnetic waves. I don’t really care.

Settings 2 and 8 are as vastly different than saute and broil.

Me and cookie dough: Please preheat for best results, simpatico, we.

Three in the morning, wake startled from a strange dream. No, Cookie Monster!

You and winter should have an epic rap […]

The Winter Walk

It’s only January, so winter’s teeth are still long and not worn down. Yesterday was one of those days when winter’s mouth was closed, so a few of us ventured out. It was a beautiful mild day with occasional gusty winds. The sky was a brilliant, amazing blue and the clouds were showing off every […]

Winter Wonderland Found

I couldn’t wait to take our whole family to the Denver Botanic Garden’s Blossoms of Light this year. A few of us went last year. We had so much fun, we talked about it in March, in June, in September. The beauty, enchantment, and whimsy stuck with us long after winter sailed away. Everyone was […]