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The Winter Walk

It’s only January, so winter’s teeth are still long and not worn down. Yesterday was one of those days when winter’s mouth was closed, so a few of us ventured out. It was a beautiful mild day with occasional gusty winds. The sky was a brilliant, amazing blue and the clouds were showing off every shape and color in their playbook.

Beautiful winter days should be seized and banked for the coming days when it feels like it will never, ever go away. Like last year, when we got snow into May and every flake that fell from the sky felt personal. We made a big deposit.

Someone’s Christmas was in the soggy, snowmelt gutter:

I almost picked it up, but didn't.

We made our way down to the lake:

Our neighborhood lake is partially frozen.

Teddy claimed he saw carrots in the lake. Ice has frozen around tufts of dead plants growing in the lake.

This guy adores walks. He talks the whole time, until he falls asleep.

Ollie wore everyone's favorite sweater.

Beatrix ran ahead and got pretty muddy, but that’s what washing machines are for.

Tired, but happy

The lake looked like it froze in waves.

The Flatirons in the distance

Partially frozen, the textures reflected the sky gorgeously.

No filter needed

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