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When Tragedy Hits Home — Standley Lake High School

I set off on this snowy, brittle afternoon to pick up my K-8 kids from school. The roads were smeared with dirty ice and winds shoved the van. It felt precarious, like the whole day, a slick white tightrope between home and my kids, elsewhere. I was glad to get to them, to bring us […]

Lying in bed, listening to her

There’s a walnut in my neck. Or maybe it’s a gland that’s decided to be a walnut for a costume party. It’s enormous evidence that I am sick. It hit suddenly. One moment, I was strolling through the grocery store with five of the kids, feeling fine. Somewhere in the cracker aisle, I noted how […]

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute

Two weeks ago, the first cough rang out into the night. Maybe that’s overly dramatic, so I’ll distill what has been going on at our house:

Archie has whooping cough and confirmed influenza, most of the rest of us had the flu, and all eleven of us are on antibiotics to protect Oliver from […]