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Lying in bed, listening to her

There’s a walnut in my neck. Or maybe it’s a gland that’s decided to be a walnut for a costume party. It’s enormous evidence that I am sick. It hit suddenly. One moment, I was strolling through the grocery store with five of the kids, feeling fine. Somewhere in the cracker aisle, I noted how […]

Rubbing Root Beer in the Wound ~ A Wrong-Number Text Story

Aidan was home, babysitting Archie and Teddy while I picked up the other kids from school. I had Ollie with me to make it easy on her. Archie and Teddy are typical little boys. Most of the time, they are good (or napping.) I told her we wouldn’t be home right away because we needed […]

The upside of having a big family

1. Better chances in cake walks.

Summer 2011, on a different kind of walk. No cake.

2. Always someone in earshot when you yell for more toilet paper.

3. Always enough people to make Apples to Apples more competitive and compelling.

4. For the younger kids, there are plenty of people capable […]