Ancient History

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Dropping the Claw

My throat was lined with fiery shards. The rest of my body felt like it was pressed in a waffle iron, clammy setting. It seemed natural I should drive myself through the snow to a grocery store walk-in urgent care clinic. My primary care doctor does not perform rapid strep tests, as they are laboring […]

The Shiny Season

We’ve been caught up in the enchantments of the season and also the microbes. Has there been a holiday season in recent memory when someone hasn’t been red with fever, green with sickness? No. But things are looking up thanks to the power of time, immune systems, antibiotics, essential oils, and prayer. It was especially […]

Standing outside in the middle of a winter night with a croupy child

Night One

A person with a stethoscope draped around her neck says the bizarre cough tormenting your child is croup. You never forget the sound, even though that conversation happened about 15 years ago. Once you’ve heard croup, you know croup. It knows you, too, because it shows up on your doorstep every winter and […]