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The Witches’ Lilacs

For two years, I was proud to be a contributor at A Deeper Story. I wrote alongside many amazing authors, writers, and poets, often wondering how on earth I got so lucky. I often felt unworthy. They were the Alice Coopers to my Wayne.

Nish Wiseth, the founder and chief editor, has decided the […]

Icing and pickles

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 43, which depresses my daughter because I’m not 42. That was the age of the answer to life, the universe, everything. She was mournful as she noted it. When I told her I had re-slipped into obscurity and mediocrity, she told me to stop talking about it, I was […]

Skirting the barren

I’ve been quiet around here lately, probably because late winter makes laser beams shoot out of my eyes and ears and not in a cool Saturday night dance party kind of way. The crust of the earth is a fallow cracking shell, blanketed by snow, ice, mud over and over. Glimpses of spring are coming […]