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From the thriftshop, down the road

Aidan and I hit a thrift shop one weeknight after dinner. After striking out in the clothing section, we moved on to housewares. Every shelf held treasures of the iffy, tacky, sublime, and bizarre. I’d like to think the same wonderful person donated all of the following items.

It was love at third sight. […]

How to prepare for your ninth baby

So far we’ve bought ___________.

I’ve washed ________.

We got ______ out of storage.

We cleaned ________ and _________.

The baby’s name is _________.

In other words, we’ve done nothing. The closest I’ve come to nesting for Mr. Baby is seriously considering buying this onesie. But I didn’t buy it. I […]

“Regretting eggnog” is 5 syllables

I ought to know.

Old-time Lifenut pals o’ mine will remember an ode I wrote to Christmas shopping. I thought I’d be trendy and update with some new stanzas for 2009. Apparently, you can buy stuff with your computer and a big brown truck brings it right to your porch in 3-5 days?