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How to prepare for your ninth baby

So far we’ve bought ___________.

I’ve washed ________.

We got ______ out of storage.

We cleaned ________ and _________.

The baby’s name is _________.

In other words, we’ve done nothing. The closest I’ve come to nesting for Mr. Baby is seriously considering buying this onesie. But I didn’t buy it. I figured I’d wait for it to go on sale. Also, I couldn’t decide if I should get 0-3 months or 3-6 months. So, I refolded it and put it back on the stack.

How wildly different it is to prepare for a first baby and the first baby’s 8th sibling. In some ways, it makes sense because I’ve learned to pace myself. I had everything done very early when I was expecting Aidan over 15 years ago, which made the last couple of months drag by slowly. The distraction of preparation would have been nice. But I also feel guilty that we’ve done nothing, as if his arrival will be an afterthought.

A baby needs a car seat, some comfy cotton jammies, diapers, milk, and arms ready to cuddle him tight. It will take minutes to assemble those things. Yet I want to actively do more. I want to pick up a onesie with happy future seafood printed on the front and take it to the register. It’s a huge leap of optimism. It means I think it will really happen. We will really, truly have another baby under our roof after my less-than-happy initial reaction, with a history of loss. I battle an odd feeling I am tempting fate. I battle a notion we have more than enough time.

But my head is turning toward things small, soft, cute—especially if it tastes great with butter and a little garlic.

One thing I buy for the baby: Sonic Ice, which I call "Mommy's Special Baby Ice" to keep the kids away.

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