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Liking how the trunks and branches of the creeping frost mirrors the bare branches of the tree. Photo taken through a west-facing window, which gets the brunt of winds from the mountains.

Be bold, be bold, and everywhere be bold

Once a year, it’s our custom to strap ourselves and our kids into iffy metal contraptions that fling them around in all directions. It’s totally legal, too. One of the beauties of amusement parks and rides is they allow people step out of the ordinary hum-drum—to leave the ground under the mercy of engineers and […]

Great, grand, father

This is Jay. He was my mom’s mom’s dad. He lived in California and worked for the Los Angeles Times.

He was married to my clever, happy great-grandmother, Clara. They divorced and he married Berthe, a tiny French woman I towered over before I was out of elementary school. I’ve posted photos of Berthe […]