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Flying High at Denver’s Elitch Gardens

Late last week, we sprung a huge surprise on the kids. To them, it was a mundane Thursday school night. They expected an evening filled with with my delightful cooking, homework, and dishes. They never expected to be herded to the van to be whisked off to a mysterious fate. Gosh, I love surprises.


Over ~ July



January’s send-off February’s final bow March’s farewell April’s adieu May’s curtain June’s flounce away

(I do this because it’s fun for me. That’s all. Also, I wait for the first day of the new month so I can make sure the old month actually left.)


Week Seven ~ Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I’m a few days late doing my weekly summer break pictorial recap because I left my card reader in Grand Junction. I took hundreds of photos on my phone and what I call The Big Camera, my Canon DSLR. I’m glad I took it with us because some of my favorites from our trip are […]