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Over ~ June



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(I do this because it’s fun for me. That’s all.)

Week Three ~ In a Very Big Time Out

pink and yellow peonies

Have you ever had the sense you’ve been put in a time out? This past week featured more illness and more misery. We nursed one sinus infection and five ear infections. We did little but cough and complain, tearing through boxes of tissues and consuming prescription medications. The only time we left the house was […]

Peony Love ~ Ideas to Celebrate A Favorite Flower

light pink peony petals

My peonies are in full, glorious bloom right now. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I complained about a super-long winter, which led to a tardy spring. Normally, they would have been in full bloom a few weeks ago. We are stuck at home with multiple sick kids, leading to frustration. It feels like we […]