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Week Three ~ In a Very Big Time Out

Have you ever had the sense you’ve been put in a time out? This past week featured more illness and more misery. We nursed one sinus infection and five ear infections. We did little but cough and complain, tearing through boxes of tissues and consuming prescription medications. The only time we left the house was for food or doctor appointments.

Father’s Day was totally depressing. I think we took Advil and naps. He needs a do-over.

We played board games, like Ticket to Ride. We watched movies, including Oz the Great and Powerful, Super 8, and Silver Linings Playbook, which wasn’t as great as everyone gushed. Kids read, drew many pictures, and played many video games. I’d escape to the front yard to check out my newly-bloomed peonies. SOMEONE in our household needed to enjoy them.

Forced quiet led to better days. By Friday, it was determined nobody was miserable, which was a revelation. On Saturday, we decided to adopt what I call The Heidi Principle. Remember the book? She was a sickly girl who only needed fresh air and sunshine, then she took over the world. We took the kids to a playground in the morning. We took the kids to another playground in the afternoon. We took them to another playground in the evening. Instead of one grand, exhaustive trip, we did short bursts of play so they wouldn’t over-tire. It was so wonderful to see them running and leaping around again.

Don’t worry. We weren’t spreading germs like Skittles falling out of rainbows. There wasn’t one sneeze to be heard in the land.

Father's Day 2013

Drawin' Luigi. Again.

The Dragons of Blueland

pink and yellow peonies

More peony love

pink peony

A little green invader

It's good to be outside!

Fresh air!


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