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A heart in the right place

It’s always an emotionally tricky time when your child hits a major milestone. Tomorrow, Archie, our seventh child, starts kindergarten. It’s been three years since we’ve had a Kindergartner in all their chirpy wiggly-toothed eager glory. Every last one of them has entered Kindergarten proud and ready to move into the orbit populated by big […]

Kindergarten is German for “Who Stole My Baby?”

I know so many moms who have kindergarten kids this year. I am one of them. Bea started kindergarten 2 weeks ago. I expected for her to exhibit certain quirks these first few weeks of school. I shared these normal quirks of the kindergarten kiddo over at Mile High Mamas. Is it normal for a […]

100 Things to Do Before Kindergarten

School starts in a little over a month. Beatrix will be starting kindergarten. She’s excited, I’m excited, she’s sad, I’m sad. My chatty little buddy will be gone for the bulk of the day, but at least I know she’s in good hands and she will learn so much.

I’ve been thinking about a […]