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American cheese and a pillow left in a car

Today marks the 15th anniversary since I went into labor with our first son, Ryley. He wasn’t born this day. He waited until mid-morning January 22nd to finally scoot out and say hello to all of us in Room 12.

I suppose I remember today almost as fondly as tomorrow because I knew I […]

Give the Gift of Frozen Sausage

The mall in my childhood hometown is charmingly pathetic, but it’s all we had. With one story and no fountains, it wasn’t the shining public palace like most American malls in the 1980s. We didn’t know better, though. Denver and Salt Lake, with exotic things like escalators and The Gap were 5-hour drives away. We […]

My mother’s worst Mother’s Day

My mom drove 250 miles to watch me speak at Denver’s first “Listen to Your Mother.” It was a decision she made on the day I was born. She was going to watch me do stuff like walk and talk, and she does.

Yesterday, she drove home after a mostly-lovely, frantically busy week. One […]