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Mother’s Days of My Life

1. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Aidan. My husband didn’t get anything for me. Later, he explained I wasn’t a “real” mother yet. My feelings were really hurt. When a waiter at a Mother’s Day buffet gave a carnation to me, I felt vindicated. Wherever you are, carnation guy, thank you.

2. […]

No More UFOs from Planet Denny’s

I used to be an inmate on Mother’s Day. It was a pretty cozy sentence to serve, with wifi and old flannel sheets as soft as a hummed lullaby. I stayed in bed because I was expected to stay in bed on Mother’s Day, at least through breakfast. It didn’t matter how long I had […]

A face like a sloppy joe…

If not for that fateful morning, I’d have the nose of a supermodel bunny rabbit. Well, probably not because of my ancestry. There are many schnozes in faded family photos, so I probably never stood a chance. Righteous noses rule.

I shared the story of sailing through the air in my childhood home early […]