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Three Days in the Life of a Person Who Writes in her Head

ticket to ride

A week ago, I signed up at Conversion Diary to blog for seven days straight. I thought this was doable. I thought this would get me back into a blogging and writing groove. When Thursday arrived and it was time for me to write that day’s post, I decided to take my middle child, Joel, […]

How to Make Ice Cream Bread

From the moment I heard about ice cream bread, I had to try it. The recipe is about as complicated as boiling water. Easy recipes for decadent things are try-worthy. The novelty of baking ice cream would blow the kids’ minds and I figured it would be fun thing to do on an otherwise listless […]

…people like lists (vol. 14)

1. Earlier this week, we attended a friend’s birthday potluck picnic at a park. There was lots of good food and good people who brought yummy treats to share. Tommy found a container of homemade chocolate chip cookies and helped himself. Unfortunately, that cookies were packaged next to homemade peanut butter cookies. Tommy is allergic […]