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How to Make Ice Cream Bread

From the moment I heard about ice cream bread, I had to try it. The recipe is about as complicated as boiling water. Easy recipes for decadent things are try-worthy. The novelty of baking ice cream would blow the kids’ minds and I figured it would be fun thing to do on an otherwise listless […]

The Nutelladilla

The Nutelladilla from Lifenut

Years ago, my younger brother taught me how to make quesadillas. He worked as a cook at Denny’s when he was in college, so they aren’t the flopsy soulless steamed quesadillas popular at an upscale casual fast food Mexican restaurants. They are buttery, crispy, ooey gooey goodness.

They are also remarkably versatile. Take […]

A Cinnamon and Chocolate Christmas ~ Song-Inspired Recipes (vol. 1)

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Butterfly Boucher’s Cinnamon and Chocolate. We discovered this song last year when Teddy was a wee babe. He’s my baby bird. My heart leapt when I first heard this again a few days ago. My mind turned to making cinnamon and chocolate desserts for Christmas. I tried them. […]