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Summer Photo Splash #3

On Tuesday, June 17th, my mom stepped off a curb wonkily when a gust of wind blew hair in her face. She twisted her ankle as she fell to the ground, landing squarely on her right knee and hand. She heard a loud pop and knew she was in trouble. A woman driving by saw […]

Week Seven ~ Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I’m a few days late doing my weekly summer break pictorial recap because I left my card reader in Grand Junction. I took hundreds of photos on my phone and what I call The Big Camera, my Canon DSLR. I’m glad I took it with us because some of my favorites from our trip are […]

Soaking the celebration ~ Week 5

Water > Fire

It was like celebrating Christmas without a tree, stockings, a nativity, church by candlelight. The 4th of July in a state with a recent fireworks ban (due to crispy conditions and deadly wildfires) means a day without smoke, booms, more booms, rockets red glare, things bursting in air. We had to come […]