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She’s coming in, 12:30 flight

We hadn’t meant to acquire a hamster on that spring day eighteen months ago. My philosophy regarding rodents was and still is they are good snacks for owls and foxes. They are the popcorn of woodland carnivores—plentiful, salty, can’t stop at one.

Doris Day was a sudden hamster. I’m still slightly surprised we bought […]

Doris Day, Ninja

There are eleven people living here. Two dogs. One Roborovski hamster, aka Phodopus roborovskii. She’s new around here and her name is Doris Day. The name struck me when I looked at her face and coloring. Blonde, with big eyes and a big smile. The shopping montage from That Touch of Mink popped in my […]

Chocolate and Dogs Can Be a Deadly Combination

It’s a rite of passage for many kids. I remember sneaking into a cupboard looking for a snack when I saw a box of baker’s chocolate. Being a kid, I focused on the word chocolate and not so much on the baking part. When I bit into what I expected to be a bit of […]