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Georgebailey, I’ll love you ’til the day I die

A year ago today, we got a new dog. I still don’t know why we got another dog because we already had (and still have) a perfectly fine dog, Junie. She was doing her job of being a companion for the kids and the world’s top incessant barker. She still looks in the mirror every day and asks “Who is the Barkiest Of Them All?” and the ghoulish sage answers back, “From winter to summer, to spring, to fall, thou art the Barkiest Of Them All.”

Junie: "Bark bark barkety barkety barkbarkbark barkety bark."

But everyone had lost their minds over the idea of doubling the dog poo out in the yard, so we searched and searched until we found The One. Maybe we chose Georgebailey from Boulder Humane because he looked something like this:

Aidan and Georgebailey

But it’s more than looks. If you have the cutest dog in the world but he has a terrible disposition, looks don’t matter. Thankfully, Georgebailey has always been one of the kids. He fits in.

Archie aka "Steve McQueen" and Georgebailey run out of gas on the Autobahn

Joel and Georgebailey, last winter

Tommy and Georgebailey and Beverly

Georgebailey has become a treasured member of our family. He’s not always my favorite. He drives me bananas, as he’s giving Junie a run for being named The Barkiest. He sheds like a madman, which is something Junie has never done. I think she still has original puppy hair. But life wouldn’t be the same without him.

Gauzy glamour shot

Handsome grownup doggie, may you never lose your playful spirit.

Happy One Year of being our beloved pup.

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