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Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Eat Banana Bread

A few hours after my dad came home from the hospital, he was sitting on a couch with five Clint Eastwood movie DVDs fanned in front of him. My brother listed the titles as it was unclear whether or not my dad could still read. I sat on the newly-delivered and oddly comfortable hospital bed […]

Super Daddyman vs. The Maple Marauder

We had a bizarre little tree in our backyard. It was planted by the previous owners, who apparently bought many of our fixtures and features on clearance at a two-bit dollar store. This little tree was probably out by the back dumpster waiting for her Charlie Brown. It was a scribble of a tree. After […]

The man is a daddy

I wrote the following essay for Father’s Day, 1999.


We had two kids and it was my husband’s second Father’s Day. Even then, I recognized what an exceptional daddy we had on our hands and in our hearts. Today, he celebrates his 15th Father’s Day and has eight kiddos with another […]