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A Cinnamon and Chocolate Christmas ~ Song-Inspired Recipes (vol. 1)

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Butterfly Boucher’s Cinnamon and Chocolate. We discovered this song last year when Teddy was a wee babe. He’s my baby bird. My heart leapt when I first heard this again a few days ago. My mind turned to making cinnamon and chocolate desserts for Christmas. I tried them. Here they are, along with a few lyrics to Butterfly’s sweet song. It’s available at iTunes .

Hush, little baby bird,

nest in my arms,

I’ll keep you warm.

In the night the stars will watch

and guide your spirit.

Underneath the whipped cream lies a heart of cinnamon & chocolate goodness

We still have cinnamon and chocolate,

Holly and pine

Hearts will warm when fire’s burning

Patience there’s time

Chocolate-Cinnamon Bread is super-delicious. One of my fave quick breads, ever.

In the still before the dawn

There’s the whisper, there’s a song

When the morning comes

And night has gone, there is joy

There is joy

Mixed, melted, made in under 15 minutes: Cinnamon-Chocolate Fudge


Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Cinnamon Bread with Sugar Crust

Cinnamon-Chocolate Fudge

Bonus: Cinnamon and Chocolate YouTube video.

1 comment to A Cinnamon and Chocolate Christmas ~ Song-Inspired Recipes (vol. 1)

  • Mom

    Now I am super hungry for cinnamon and chocolate yummies thanks to you.Why didn’t you have some of these around when we were there?I like the song, too.

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