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Grasping at summer’s last straws ~ Week 9

It was a quiet week when we became more aware that school was galloping closer like a scary apocalyptic horse. Hear those hooves? I’m trying not to. I think I’ll look at sunsets and swings and kids being kids.

Am I usually this negative about school? I love school and I stress its importance […]

Autopsy of a peach cobbler

I have a flat of Palisade peaches sitting on my kitchen counter. These peaches are grown in the Grand Valley in Western Colorado, near the Utah border. They are the best peaches in the world, easily rivaling anything Georgia or California can produce. The hot days and cold nights conspire to create peaches which are […]

Celebrating good times, come on! ~ Week 6

Two birthdays in one week means having two birthdays in one week. In other words, we were sugared, gifted, ice-creamed nearly to death. Aidan turned 15 and Sam turned 12. Both chose ways to celebrate reflecting their unique tastes and personalities and I was happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, Sam’s celebration wasn’t as fun as we […]