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Grasping at summer’s last straws ~ Week 9

It was a quiet week when we became more aware that school was galloping closer like a scary apocalyptic horse. Hear those hooves? I’m trying not to. I think I’ll look at sunsets and swings and kids being kids.

Am I usually this negative about school? I love school and I stress its importance to our kids. But it seems like it creeps a little earlier every year. Someday, summer break will be between June 1st and June 5th. No joke.

We met friends at a sandbox, were sheltered under a stunning sky one evening, took over a children’s museum one afternoon, and we ate an oddly large amount of pizza.

Sandy cheeks

Sand cake, anyone?


Light in August is more than a puzzling Faulkner work...

My belly, in shadow


This is our city hall. No editing of any sort, at city hall or with the photo.

Sunset, #nofilter as we wannabe hipsters say

Bubble tunnel try


Light, bright

Jungle cat plots ambush

Joel. Just...Joel.

Sun swing


Summer break, capped and recapped:

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