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Celebrating good times, come on! ~ Week 6

Two birthdays in one week means having two birthdays in one week. In other words, we were sugared, gifted, ice-creamed nearly to death. Aidan turned 15 and Sam turned 12. Both chose ways to celebrate reflecting their unique tastes and personalities and I was happy to oblige.

Unfortunately, Sam’s celebration wasn’t as fun as we originally hoped. I managed to get a massive toothache in my last bottom molar on the right side. At first, I thought my jaw was jacked up. I had terrible pain in my jaw, neck, and up into my right eye socket. But after 2 days of suffering, I realized it was actually a tooth. Of course, it was a Saturday when I had my epiphany. That meant I had to go to an emergency dental place, where they recommended extraction. There was a massive cavity hiding under an existing filling. With the root canal and crown I’d need, my kids would be going back to school with sticks for pencils. So, the tooth fairy came last night. Instead of leaving money, she left paperwork to submit to our insurance company. Being a grown-up is overrated. I want my dollar!

Sam wanted to go to a LEGO exhibit at History Colorado OR the Railroad Museum for his birthday outing, but because I was occupied in a chair wearing a paper bib, his special day is rescheduled. Sorry, Sam.

There were happier times, though. We got to see Mr. Baby again. It was a good week, as you can see:

Lemon cake with fluffy lemon buttercream frosting and crushed lemon drops on top

Bowling for a Birthday!

There she rolls...

It takes a lot of balls to take a big family bowling

Loved seeing her cake practically on fire! Cool effect with lemon drops

Summer breakfast, winter boots. He said he was "Gettin' ready for Christmas."

Mr. Baby's profile

Giddyup, bear

Sam's 12th birthday dream dinner ~ Grilled cheese from Culver's

Really, he was happy

Sam's requested so-called cake: 16 large cinnamon twists from Lamar's


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