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Cake and Ice ~ A Snowday Story

It began with a late-evening tweet. I love being in a school district that wields social media like a boss:

Modern Times

It began to snow Thursday night. All week, this February storm had been predicted as a doozy. I think that’s the word TV meteorologists learn in school. Flights were cancelled before the first flakes flew, so I had a feeling schools would follow the lead.

We went to bed knowing Friday would be lovely and lazy and loud, but not knowing how much white stuff would pile up as we dreamed.

Surveying the snowy expanse

There was a lot.

3 Snow Angels

Dogs Love Snow

Dogs REALLY Love Snow

The day brought a mix of romping, fighting, and pajama-embracing. Less than 50% of us actually got dressed. It also brought a chance to do schoolwork without pressure, which always makes it a little more appealing.

Plus, school doesn’t have puppies.

A chance to do homework that would have been late...ahem.

Legally-sanctioned school ditching is fun!

February is all-about hearts and stuff, so it wasn’t necessary to make an excuse to use my new silicon heart pan for a fun treat. I surveyed our cupboards and refrigerator, noticing fresh lemons and lemon juice. I determined a lemon cake for dessert was fate.

Nothing to do but make a cake. Poor me.

It was as good as it looks.

{The cake and the day}

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