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Three Little Boys

Happy Birthday to my brother (aka bro-de-mopsy). This is my brother, circa the fall of 1977:

Now that baby in the jaunty tartan cap is the very grown-up father of two baby boys, born last night. Babies A & B arrived safely, yet they are small and in the NICU at an excellent hospital. I hope to go visit them today.

Congratulations to my SIL on becoming a mother. Welcome to a new world.

I love all four of you.

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  • sisterofmopsy

    I love that picture of our little bro. I think he has always been ready to be a dad. I remember us going to church, us three sitting together digging through moms purse for gum, writing on the bulletin, fidgeting and little bro always laughing, smiling and making silly faces at the cute little babies in front of us. Congratulations to you both, you will be fantastic parents. I look forward to hearing your stories and watching A & B grow up.

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