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The Rollercoaster

I never liked rollercoasters. One of my elementary school friends told me her uncle was riding on a rollercoaster when the man in front of him stood up and got decapitated by part of the ride. The head landed in her uncle’s lap.

I now doubt this story, but it made a such a profound impression on me that every time we visited Elitch’s in Denver as a kid I thought I would end up either headless or with someone’s noggin in my cotton candy if I dared ride the Twister. I also imagined that the cars would derail on a sharp corner, the brakes would fail, and my seatbelt would unbuckle. Rollercoasters were for crazy people, like my dad and sister.

But like most moms, I am now permanently strapped to a rollercoaster cart.

I think the handbrake snapped off sometime during labor with Aidan (probably about the time I looked up between contractions and saw the Marilyn Monroe movie “Let’s Make Love” starting on my hospital room’s TV).

Today, alone, has been one of the most emotional up and down days of my life.

1. My younger brother and his sweet wife will deliver their twin baby boys today or tomorrow (which happens to be my brother’s birthday). The babies are only 32 weeks and suffer with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Prayers are definately welcome since complications are coming from all directions.

2. The house situation? Today, finally, the sellers agreed to lower their asking price. It’s a go. I won’t believe it is really ours until I put our first mortgage payment in the mailbox at the end of my new west-facing driveway.

3. Aidan sold her first piece of artwork. This is the same piece I had delusions of grandeur about. Her elementary school called today and asked if they could purchase her work to be permanently displayed in the school. They will pay her $10.

4. Read the previous post to learn all about our canine delinquent dog, Junie and our neighbors. I suppose every neighborhood needs a Gladys Kravitz.

4 comments to The Rollercoaster

  • My prayers are with your brother and Liz. I’m exicted for the little ones’ arrivals.
    Congratulations on the house (whew, finally) and to Aidan on reaping the monitary benifit of her talent.

  • JoAnn

    Congrats on the house. And to Aidan, what a talent you have there. And more prayers for your brother and SIL and those two boys! 🙂

  • Russ Eldredge

    Your brother’s family is definitely in my prayers. I can’t help commenting, because you do write the most amazing things, or should I say, things in the most amazing way. You could seriously write bestsellers (if you aren’t already). Your stories of life with 5 kids make us laugh and feel like we’re not quite so alone as we raise our 3.5 young’uns, and you have just the right mix of profound insights that helps us keep a propoer perpective on different things. And where do you get the artwork? Fantastic! Keep up the good work, and thank you for making our days brighter.

  • mopsy

    Russ, I want to thank you for your very nice comments! No books, yet (that is another area where I struggle with delusions of grandeur). Thanks for reading, and I want to congratulate your family on the addition of your fourth child. What a blessing!


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