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I Hear It’s Good on Cobb Salad

my future basement is full of it

The inspection today revealed a good sound frame, a solid foundation, minor cosmetic flaws, and…mold under the subfloor of the basement. Lots of pretty, lovely, chunky mold.

The odd thing is when I heard the news, I felt nothing but peaceful calm. It didn’t bother me. I know how serious mold problems can be. Mold can eat away at the structure of a house and is linked to many health problems. I think the reason I am not freaking out is because it is beyond my control and I know it.

Next week an independant mold expert/destroyer will investigate the problem and let everyone know what needs to be done. If it can be restored and rendered free of mold, we will buy the house. If not, we walk away.

No tears from me.

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