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Saturday Siblings ~ Whovians

I’ve only seen two episodes of Doctor Who: “Blink”—which scared the wee out of me. The second was the one with the baby who fancied himself some kind malevolent ruler of the universe. I watched because I was pregnant with Ollie and we needed a baby name. I crossed Stormeggedon, Dark Lord of All off our list. His real name was Alfie, sweet chap.

With my shallow understanding of all things Doctor and Who, it’s a marvel I have all these kids who are crazed fans. While they watch, I retire upstairs with a book or something. I totally support it, however. I’ve made a Tardis birthday cake, bought toy daleks, numerous pithy t-shirts, and survived debates over The Best Doctor. Aidan made a penguin, which she dressed in a fez and bowtie. Of course.

Recently, someone yarn-bombed an old British phone booth that sits in front of a theater in Olde Town Arvada, a suburb of Denver. We heard about it from a Whovian friend. I took four of the kids to see it yesterday, relieved it was still there. I took them for two reasons. I knew they’d adore it and I wanted them to see a real-life example of yarn-bombing, which is a thing these days. I regret not taking them to see the yarn Colorado flag underpants on a huge naked statue in downtown Denver, so I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass.

doctor who yarn bomb arvada

Tommy, Sam, Tardis, Beatrix, Joel

doctor who yarn bomb tardis arvada

Sam, using his imagination

I examined the panels. Obviously, the work of many knitting geeks putting their heads together to make something cool for the masses.

doctor who tardis yarn bomb arvada

Public Call Box has never been more snuggly adorable

tardis yarn bomb arvada

Full-length glamour shot

tardis yarn bomb arvada


tardis yarn bomb arvada

More squares

More squares, and a tiny hole

2 comments to Saturday Siblings ~ Whovians

  • I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who, so I’ve been on Facebook long enough to learn some of the lingo. That is one cool looking yarn-bomb! When we were downtown Portland on Christmas Eve, I saw someone had knitted little sweaters for the duck statues that swim in puddles when the weather is nice (and hover in empty tubs when it’s cold). They were so cute!

  • Gretchen

    Stephanie, I probably would have died from the cute. Ducks are my fave and sweaters for ducks (even statue ducks) would probably off me right then and there.

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