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What Do You Do With a Big Blue Two?

Ollie’s second birthday theme was Thomas the Tank Engine, who is a cheery shade of bright blue. The cake was blue velvet and the plates were blue. When I looked at the birthday candle selection, a blue “2” caught my eye. I didn’t think about the size in relation to the cake until it was […]


We’ve had a Fisher Price nativity scene for at least ten years. It’s still in decent shape if you overlook the handless angel. At this moment, one of the kings is missing. He was here this morning. I’m not sure if it’s Balthazar, Caspar, or Melchior. I’ve tried calling all three names and get no […]

Bless Two

On November 2, 2005, I wrote the following in a post called Blow out the candle. Joel, our fifth child, had just turned two. By the time my older kids were two, they each had a younger sibling. Joel did not because of two devastating pregnancy losses. I was clinically infertile. Yes, even a mom […]