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The 1970s Were Artifactastic

Ryley missed several days of school due to a nasty cold that left him with an ear infection. He had mounds of make-up work to finish. The timing couldn’t have been worse, as it’s the end of the school year with projects and finals lurking near. I asked him to compile lists of what he […]

What Do You Do With a Big Blue Two?

Ollie’s second birthday theme was Thomas the Tank Engine, who is a cheery shade of bright blue. The cake was blue velvet and the plates were blue. When I looked at the birthday candle selection, a blue “2” caught my eye. I didn’t think about the size in relation to the cake until it was […]

Before it was Elmo’s world

Sesame Street is 40. I am not far behind.

My kids don’t watch Sesame Street unless I am experiencing deep nostalgia for my big-collared, Quik-drinking days. I find videos on YouTube for them to watch, or I’ll pull out my Old School Sesame Street DVDs.

They love the King of 8, The Queen […]