Ancient History

Sheer Lunacy: Getting Up With Children to Watch an Eclipse

Today's lunch of leftover Ranch Chicken Chili was last night's pre-eclipse dinner.

In the tender hours of today, I hoisted my head off a downy pillow, threw off warmed blankets, and sat up. What was I thinking? Why do I make difficult promises to keep?

Today’s promise was to wake certain kids so they could go outside to witness the total lunar eclipse and ensuing blood […]

It’s Time to Wake Up

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Err, wakey, wakey, photosynthesis and carbon dioxide!

We don’t stand a chance here when it comes to wind.

We live near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The wind that carries storm systems from the Pacific arches over the mountains to the west of us. It crests and considers the Great Plains below and beyond. White mountain peaks often appear to […]

Wearing Grins for the Irish ~ Steve Spangler Science’s Lucky Little Learners

What shall we do first?

Luck isn’t just for leprechauns. I am pretty lucky and there’s nothing magical about me. Proof: I got to visit Steve Spangler Science one morning and play with all kinds of science-y goodies. In anticipation and celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Steve Spangler gathered 15 fun and accessible experiments and activities for families to do […]