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Wearing Grins for the Irish ~ Steve Spangler Science’s Lucky Little Learners

Luck isn’t just for leprechauns. I am pretty lucky and there’s nothing magical about me. Proof: I got to visit Steve Spangler Science one morning and play with all kinds of science-y goodies. In anticipation and celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Steve Spangler gathered 15 fun and accessible experiments and activities for families to do […]

Green Roses and Taco Sauce ~ St. Patrick’s Day with Steve Spangler Science

Last weekend was snowy and cold outside. If there was any green to be seen, it was buried under the sopping spring-like snow. But inside, conditions were perfect for playing around with ideas from Steve Spangler’s St. Patrick’s Day Experiment Guide. It’s a downloadable guide packed with experiments and simple, but fun activities. Kids can […]