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Autopsy of a peach cobbler

I have a flat of Palisade peaches sitting on my kitchen counter. These peaches are grown in the Grand Valley in Western Colorado, near the Utah border. They are the best peaches in the world, easily rivaling anything Georgia or California can produce. The hot days and cold nights conspire to create peaches which are […]

Eating honey at 2am

I hear sprinklers click on and chug to life outside on the greenbelt bordering our house. The sprinklers used to come on around 7pm, which is a terrible time because that’s when people go on walks. Our family has been caught in more than one greenbelt sprinkler flash mob. It’s like they coordinate or something. […]

This baby

Yesterday morning, before my big ultrasound appointment, I sat on my bed and prayed all would be well. I could feel the baby kicking and squirming, very much alive. But my fears took over until I trembled. The baby was alive, but was he/she healthy? Everything that can possibly go wrong in utero scrolled through […]