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He likes you

Sam is 12 and he is holding newborn Oliver. After I fed Ollie this morning, I was reminded I like to eat, too. I asked for a volunteer to hold the baby while I made oatmeal. Three of my boys shouted, “ME!” Sam won, not because he was first but because he was second. The […]

Eating honey at 2am

I hear sprinklers click on and chug to life outside on the greenbelt bordering our house. The sprinklers used to come on around 7pm, which is a terrible time because that’s when people go on walks. Our family has been caught in more than one greenbelt sprinkler flash mob. It’s like they coordinate or something. […]

Redeeming the day

I took a late afternoon shower yesterday, mostly to wipe the toddler poo off my shin but also because if I didn’t ensconce myself in a small box, alone, I was going to scream.

The scream started welling up in my little toes early in the morning. Most of my kids had the day […]