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Autopsy of a peach cobbler

I have a flat of Palisade peaches sitting on my kitchen counter. These peaches are grown in the Grand Valley in Western Colorado, near the Utah border. They are the best peaches in the world, easily rivaling anything Georgia or California can produce. The hot days and cold nights conspire to create peaches which are […]

A Cinnamon and Chocolate Christmas ~ Song-Inspired Recipes (vol. 1)

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Butterfly Boucher’s Cinnamon and Chocolate. We discovered this song last year when Teddy was a wee babe. He’s my baby bird. My heart leapt when I first heard this again a few days ago. My mind turned to making cinnamon and chocolate desserts for Christmas. I tried them. […]

Dijon know we rode in the Wienermobile?

Here it comes! I found it hard to chili out.

The Wienermobile's actual license plate.


Teddy prepares for liftoff.

Archie reclines and mentally prepares for orbit.

Ryley, Tommy, and pilot Tailgatin' Traci pose for posterity.