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The World’s Worst Healing Garden

The bank of elevators on the hospital’s third floor led to a small, pointless waiting area. It greeted people who found themselves stopping at the most dreaded floor in the building. A large sign hung from the ceiling just around a corner. Oncology was to the left. The ICU was to the right. If one […]

Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Eat Banana Bread

A few hours after my dad came home from the hospital, he was sitting on a couch with five Clint Eastwood movie DVDs fanned in front of him. My brother listed the titles as it was unclear whether or not my dad could still read. I sat on the newly-delivered and oddly comfortable hospital bed […]

Deeper February

My first pregnancy loss happened in February 2005. My next pregnancy loss was also tied to February. I was due in this short but dark month, due February 2006. Loss dates, due dates, procedure dates. I can’t walk through my mental calendar without tripping over a marker.

It’s the center of the month. I’ve […]