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Get Lost: Fall Fun at the Chatfield Corn Maze

Alternate title: Amazing Maize Maze Fazes Few, Delights Many.

Can you think of a better way to celebrate fall than guessing your way through a mysterious maze of tall corn stalks? That’s how we spent our first day of fall, thanks to The Denver Botanic Garden at Chatfield’s Corn Maze.

We […]

Weeks Whatever ~ Summer’s Last Blast

The last three weeks of summer break were update-less, mostly because we were either busy or lazy. I’d feel undone if I didn’t wrap it up somehow, so I’m sharing a bunch of photos of summer’s last blast. School starts—for most of my kids—on Tuesday. There’s a lot of sunshine and warm weather ahead. But […]

Disney’s Planes: You’ve Seen it Before, But You Haven’t

I have mixed feelings about Disneytoon’s latest animated offering, Planes. The characters feel recycled from Cars and it’s readily apparent they tried to recapture the same vibe by borrowing heavily from Radiator Spring’s residents. There’s the gruff old-timer with a mysterious backstory and heart of gold, there’s the hapless and slow best friend, the love […]