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Weeks Whatever ~ Summer’s Last Blast

The last three weeks of summer break were update-less, mostly because we were either busy or lazy. I’d feel undone if I didn’t wrap it up somehow, so I’m sharing a bunch of photos of summer’s last blast. School starts—for most of my kids—on Tuesday. There’s a lot of sunshine and warm weather ahead. But it’s going to have a different feel. Light is already bending differently, shining through my bedroom window at dawn at an odd angle.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

salt water taffy



Summer 2013 Review:

Week One ~ A Slow Start
Week Two ~ Ups, Downs, Downs, a Half-Up, Downs, Ups
Week Three ~ In a Very Big Time Out
Week Four ~ Back in the Corner
Week Five ~ Summer Decides to Show Up
Week Six ~ Celebrate Celebrate
Week Seven ~ Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

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