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It’s Monumental ~ A Photo Parade of a Beautiful Place

I grew up in the valley below. Every time we visit my parents, who still live in Grand Junction, I see the Colorado National Monument to the west. Visitors hear the name “monument” and assume it’s a statue but locals and people willing to explore know it’s like a mini Grand Canyon plus Mars. It’s […]

Everyone’s Birthday Should Be in Early October

When we were thinking about how to celebrate Ollie’s second birthday, we knew we needed to include certain elements. He loves to go bye in the car. He loves to be outside. He loves trees, rocks, animals, and water. He revels in nature, like many little kids. But he seems to take it to another […]

Gold Rush

It turns out Aspen isn’t just the city Lloyd and Harry deliver a briefcase to Mary Samsonite. Aspens are a towering grass with soft white stalks and a habit of turning brilliant, bursting yellow every September. Colorado is home to zillions of these glimmering flame-like trees and we got to go see a few this […]